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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where Are We Heading for after Tenang By Election?

Honestly  I  had thought that PAS should be given the priority in Tenang By Election to field its candidate since it has worked there consistently for a along time. Hard work should be paid off with respect and rewards.

After all fighting for a seat contested by Pakatan component party would have tarnished the coalition's image. Support for  PAS in Tenang would regain public confidence that PR was united and a serious force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore PAS would learn how to survive in Malaysian realpolitik where Tenang has  a mixed racial composition of over 50% Non Malays. It was a good opportunity for PAS to test its grounds including both Malays and Non Malays.

Despite PAS national leaders presence, it did not do well among FELDA Malays and maybe slightly better among town Malays in Tenang Jaya. I really have great doubts that PAS Islamic scholars banking on Hudud had actually attracts Malays especially Johor Malays who are known to be soft spoken and cautious towards radical Islamism.

PR component parties have to realise that as compared to Galas By Election DAP had put in a lot of efforts in consolidating Non Malays support towards PAS and PR. But that was not good enough until all PR parties and leaders view all themselves as leaders for all Malaysians and dare to campaign in any areas.

In other words, PR has to re-strategise its non-racial policies and approach in winning all Malaysians' support.  While revolutions are underway in large part of the Arab world, their impact on the largely xenophobic Malay world is still unknown. It may not happen now but never say never.


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